Building signage and directory

Building Directory

Each tenant is entitled to one line on the directory board for its company name and suite number. Each firm is also entitled to one line per one thousand (1,000) square feet of Net Rentable Area to identify individuals or departments/groups/subsidiaries/ affiliates of the company. While the name of the company is NOT limited as to its length, the names of individuals and their titles or departments/groups/subsidiaries/affiliates of the company are limited to thirty (30) characters, including letters, numbers and punctuation.

Additional directory listings beyond the allotted number as calculated by the tenant’s square footage may be permitted as space allows, at the discretion of Property Management.

Requests for directory listings are handled by the Property Management Office. Requests must be submitted in typed form on the company’s letterhead stationery, listing names exactly as they are to appear on the directory, and must be signed by an authorized representative of the company. Due to the characteristics of the directory, you should allow 10 to 15 days to obtain a new or changed name.

Suite Sign

Suite entry signage must conform to building standards and be approved by Property Management prior to installation.

Requests for Tenant Suite Signs should be made to the Property Management Office as soon as practical after the Lease has been executed, and after the Tenant Space Plan and Build Out have been approved by the Tenant. They must be submitted in typed form on the company’s letterhead stationery and must be signed by an authorized representative of the company.


Cleaning and other janitorial services at Montgomery Executive Center are provided by UG2. Current cleaning specifications are included as an exhibit in each lease.

Any comments regarding services or personnel should be directed to the Property Management Office.

Please contact the Property Management Office to schedule additional cleaning or other janitorial services that are not provided for in your lease. We will be glad to obtain quotations and coordinate the work for you. Costs of such services will be billed to each tenant directly


Should an elevator stop between floors while you are in it, DO NOT PANIC. All building elevators are equipped with mechanical brakes that are designed to operate under any condition, including power failure. Do not attempt to leave the car. Push the emergency button and use the elevator phone which automatically dials to an off-site monitoring center; which will follow written procedures to obtain emergency personnel to secure release of trapped passengers.

During a Fire Emergency, do not use the elevators.

If you, at any time, experience any irregularity or difficulty with elevator service, please report it immediately to the Management Office.


Heating, ventilation and air conditioning are provided in accordance with each office lease. For service outside of lease hours, please contact the Management Office as soon as possible (24-hours in advance is requested) with a written follow up request. There is a per hour charge for each half floor of extended hours of services per each office lease.

These additional electrical charges are billed to using tenants, and are applied as reimbursable electricity costs to offset the electricity operating expenses as set forth in each lease.

Mail Service

A mailbox serviced by the U.S. Postal Service is located outside of the Back Entrance of the building. The mail carrier will distribute mail to individual tenant suites.

There are two collections per day during the week. Delivery and Pickup times are determined by the Postal Service and are subject to change.

To ensure prompt delivery of your mail, please be sure to instruct associates to include your company name and suite number in the mailing address.


Montgomery Executive Center participates in a voluntary recycling program. Recyclable items include glass, steel and aluminum cans, high-grade white office paper and corrugated cardboard. This program requires a commitment from the tenants, management, cleaning contractor and trash hauler. As part of your tenant move-in package you should have received recycling bins, which accepts all recyclable material. The item separation is performed at another location. Once each evening, the cleaning contractor will remove its contents. Only through your support can a program such as this be successful.

Additional or replacement bins can be purchased through the Management Office.

Online Tenant Service Center

You can submit service requests, review the progress and history of previous service requests, and view memos and notices from our property management offices. If you are reporting an emergency, please do not utilize this means of communication. Call your management office directly or the local authorities at 911.
If you are a registered user, please click here.

Contact Team

The on-site property management office is located at Suite 401 and is staffed 2-3 days per week. However, you can always reach us via phone or your IMPAK web portal. Your first call for any problem or question will always be directed to the building management team at 202-503-1800. All service requests you submit through your online web portal will be dispatched to us spontaneously! We’re here to serve!

Paul Dufresne

(Property Manager)

James G. Cahill

(Leasing Agent)

Walter Carcamo


Emmy Nadiga

(Vice President DC Operations)