The Montgomery Executive Center property is equipped with an electronic security system, currently managed and monitored by Datawatch Systems, based in Bethesda, MD. After 7:00 P.M., the front and back entrances of the building automatically lock. The back entrance can be accessed by use of Datawatch security key fobs. Please be sure to provide any of your staff that will need building access after-hours with a Datawatch key fob. After hours, the key fobs are also needed to allow the elevators to reach your tenant floor.

Suspected theft of any size should be reported to the Management Office. A member of the building management team will respond and issue an incident report that you may pass on to your insurance company. A report should also be filed with the Gaithersburg Police Department.

Please note that the building does not carry insurance to cover the loss of personal belongings. The office leases require tenants to maintain insurance coverages for all leasehold improvements, trade fixtures and personal property at 100% of full replacement value.

Peddlers and canvassers are prohibited from entering Montgomery Executive Center. Notify the Management Office of any unsolicited salespersons contacting your office.

Other Equipment

Camera Monitors

The cameras are located in the following areas:

All cameras are connected to a recording device and are recorded continually in 24–hour intervals. The recordings are kept for one month. Please notify the Management Office as soon as possible should you like us to review the recordings for a particular incident.

After Hours Access

The security system in the building is designed to be convenient to use while providing a high degree of security. We hope that you will encourage everyone in your firm to follow our after-hours security procedures.

Electronic Entry

To enter the building before 7:00 A.M. and after 7:00 P.M. Monday through Sunday, you must use an individually coded access key fob at the entry readers at the Front and Back Entrances to the building. Access key fobs are also required to operate the elevators after-hours. The electronic access system is currently operated by Datawatch Systems.

The Datawatch Systems central computer will verify your individual key code and will grant access by unlocking the electric lock. The door will close and lock automatically behind you. Politely discourage other persons from “tailgating.”

To leave the building after-hours, use either the Front or Back Entrance doors in the lobby. Your Datawatch key fob is not required to take the elevators to the lobby level or to exit the building.

A Datawatch phone is located at the Back Entrance. This phone is connected directly to Datawatch’s main switchboard, which can contact the Property Manager if necessary.

If you expect after hours visitors, couriers, deliveries or contractors, you must inform the Management Office in advance. Access will not be given to anyone without prior written notification. Please provide the following information on your company letterhead:

  • Your name and company
  • Name of your visitor
  • Date and approximate time of visit
  • Your direct phone number

Please instruct visitors to use the Datawatch phone at the Back Entrance upon arrival. Datawatch will grant electronic access upon verification of proper identification.

If you forget your access card, you will be considered a visitor and must use the Datawatch phone to gain access. Datawatch will contact the Property Manager prior to granting access. This may include contacting your firm’s designated contact to obtain permission to grant access into your suite. If your access card has been lost or stolen, please notify the Management Office immediately.

Additional Recommendations:

Issue Datawatch key fobs to consultants, painters and other contractors who will regularly require after-hours access. When the contracted work is completed, retrieve or revoke the Datawatch key fobs.

The Management Office will periodically distribute printouts of Datawatch key fob authorizations. Please review these lists to eliminate any authorizations that are no longer required. Please return the list to the Management Office for processing.

Building Access

Montgomery Executive Center is open access Monday through Friday from 6:45 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. The elevators are operational to all floors during these hours.

Access to the building outside of these hours is controlled by the Datawatch access system. Access key fobs for this system are coordinated through the Property Manager.


Furniture, equipment, office supplies, etc., MUST be delivered through the back entrance.


Deliveries are restricted to the Service Elevator only. Use of the Service Elevator for less than 30 minutes will be accommodated within normal operations on a first come, first use basis. Requirements for more than 30 minutes, and up to 2 hours, will require a reservation made through the Property Management Office 48 hours prior to the expected delivery. Large deliveries, such as furniture and equipment, requiring more than 2 hours, will need a reservation made through the Management Office a minimum of 72 hours, i.e., 3 business days, prior to the planned delivery date.

Occasionally, regular deliveries will be made after normal business hours. If you are expecting an after hours delivery, you must contact the Management Office to arrange for access to the building for the delivery company. You will need to meet the delivery person in the main lobby once they arrive.

Overnight Deliveries

There are Federal Express and UPS drop boxes located outside the back entrance to the building. The pick-up time for both services is 6:30 p.m. There is also one US Postal Service mail boxes in this location. Pick-up times for the US Postal Service mail boxes are 11:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. on weekdays, and 3:00 p.m. on Saturdays. Finally, a Falcon Overnight drop box is located here, The Falcon Overnight drop box is picked up at 8:00 p.m. on weekdays. Should you needed to use any of these carriers, contact the carrier directly to schedule a pickup or delivery.

General Office Security

Many thefts and crimes against persons occur during regular business hours. Such crimes are usually perpetrated under the pretext of legitimate business. Many of the offenses committed when buildings are closed to the public indicate laxity in control of pass keys, security cards, and alarm systems.

Many investigations indicate that the crimes would not have been committed had office personnel been alert to strangers or taken a few simple precautions.

Remember that security depends on the cooperation and interest of each individual. Protect yourself and your assets.

  1. Never leave your reception area unattended. Do not allow visitors or delivery people to pass beyond the reception area unless they are known to the receptionist or an employee who is aware of the nature of their business.
  2. Beware of the repair technician attempting to pick up a machine for repair. Question the person, obtain identification and check with their office for verification.
  3. Never leave purses, wallets or other valuable items on or under desks. Keep these items out of sight.
  4. Do not keep cash or stamps in an unlocked drawer. Valuables should be kept in a safe, if available.
  5. Do not carry large sums of money. Do not leave your wallet in a jacket hung over your chair or behind your door.
  6. Never leave a combination safe on a day-lock position. Thieves will always turn the dial back to zero if it is in a day-lock setting. Always spin the dial when locking the safe.
  7. Never allow visitor traffic in storage areas. Do not make storage rooms easily accessible from the main business area.
  8. Be alert to persons who enter an office under the pretext of seeking employment. Keep them in your sight at all times and ask them to begin filling out an application while you phone your personnel manager.
  9. Immediately report all suspicious persons, peddlers, or persons purporting to be canvassing to the Management Office or call the Police at 911. Do not attempt to apprehend or detain these persons.
  10. Ask to see the identification badge of any suspicious person entering your suite.
  11. Always secure your automobile by locking all windows and doors. Do not leave valuables in the car. Park near a light if you are working late.
  12. Have your car keys in your hand when leaving the office so you may enter your vehicle quickly. Be sure to lock your doors once inside. Stay clear of other parked vehicles when walking to your car.
  13. Quietly leave if you are surprised by an unauthorized person in your suite. Call the Police.
  14. Ask unknown persons attempting to follow you into the building during security hours to use their key fob at the reader or instruct them to use the Kastle phone for assistance. Discourage “tailgating”.
  15. Be alert for strangers loitering in the hallways. Restrict issuance of restroom keys.
  16. Do not enter an elevator if it is occupied by a suspicious looking person. Simply walk away.
  17. Inspect the locking hardware on your suite doors and restroom doors on your floor. Notify the Management Office if repair or replacement is necessary.
  18. Do not keep your more valuable or movable belongings near doors. Record serial numbers of merchandise and belongings.
  19. Change door locks and security system cards if keys or cards cannot be accounted for or are missing.
  20. Engrave your firm’s tax identification number on valuables. This will help speed their identification upon recovery and ensure their return to you. Photograph items that cannot be engraved.
  21. Control the issuance of security keys. Contact the Management Office to update your key fob list.
  22. Report all lost cards to the Management Office immediately so that they cannot be used by unauthorized persons to gain entry.
  23. Secure your suite alarm system at the end of the day, if you have one.
  24. Always lock your door and secure your suite alarm system from inside when working late–or early.
  25. Be certain that your employees who require after-hours access to the building are given Datawatch key fobs.
  26. Visitor authorizations should extend only as long as necessary.
  27. Cooperate with the criminal by relinquishing your money if you are the victim of a robbery. Your wallet can be replaced. Appeasing the thief with money may discourage him from physically harming you.

Presentations on burglary prevention, safety tips for women, and prevention of larcenies from office buildings are available from the Police Department.

Key-lock Policy Datawatch

Datawatch Key Fobs

Business Hours Administration

For your protection, administration requests must be made by an authorized contact. Please provide the Management Office with the following information in writing:

  • The number of the keys to be altered, the keyholder’s name, and the keyholder’s company name
  • The type of administration:
  • CHANGE the information on file for the key (for example, change the name, change the areas the holder is authorized to enter)
  • REVOKE the key, thereby rendering it inoperable in all readers
  • AUTHORIZE to an individual a previously unassigned key, thereby enabling it to operate in the appropriate readers.

After-Hours Administration

Emergency after-hours requests to revoke lost or stolen cards may be processed by the Property Manager. Such requests may be made by an authorized contact or the holder of the card. Requests to change or authorize cards must be forwarded in writing to the Management Office during business hours.

Ordering Cards

Submit an authorizing letter (on your company’s letterhead) to the Management Office. Your request will be processed within 24 hours.

Additional Recommendations:

  • Periodically review all key assignments for your firm
  • Report lost or stolen cards immediately
  • Make sure that cards are issued to all employees requiring after-hours access

Critical Data

The Management Office uses building and tenant information to respond to alarms, emergencies, and after-hours visitors. The effectiveness of our response is directly related to the accuracy of tenant information on file.

So that we may better serve your needs, please notify the Management Office immediately of any changes to the following:

  • Authorized Contacts
  • Emergency Contacts and Home Telephone Number

Lost and Found

lease contact the Management Office at 202-503-1800 to claim items that have been lost or found in the building.

Property Removal

Personal Property is not to be removed from the building, without approval of Tenant Office Manager, and communication with Property Manager.


Solicitation is not permitted. If someone is soliciting in your suite, then please notify the Management Office at 202-503-1800 and we will send appropriate personnel to escort them off of the premises.

Online Tenant Service Center

You can submit service requests, review the progress and history of previous service requests, and view memos and notices from our property management offices. If you are reporting an emergency, please do not utilize this means of communication. Call your management office directly or the local authorities at 911.
If you are a registered user, please click here.

Contact Team

The on-site property management office is located at Suite 401 and is staffed 2-3 days pre week. However, you can always reach us via phone or your IMPAK web portal. Your first call for any problem or question will always be directed to the building management team at 202-503-1800. All service requests you submit through your online web portal will be dispatched to us spontaneously! We’re here to serve!

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